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based on a true nightmare

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At 16 , interning as a foreign correspondent in New York I was finally able move to the US, in 2008 I became an American Citizen during President G.W. Bush's administration, I took my oath on 9/11 at Staples Center in LA. In that same city, over the last 12 years my American dream turned into a true nightmare. Almost two years now since I have been homeless with my two children in Los Angeles, it is time for us to tell you our story... 

X - Norco is a town near L.A.




X - Hide and Seek me out

X - The wife's wishes

Dear Mr. President...

This is how I started my letter to Ronald Reagan when I was an 8 year old girl living in a small village near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I grew up across from a farm, listening to Country and Western, dreaming of the United States, of leaving Holland, I had to go help my favorite cowboy Make America Great Again, like his slogan. I wanted to be an American Cowgirl.

X - Eco Park

to freedom

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X - Then came the inspectors

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X - Life is a beach, and then you move to L.A.

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release date - March 15 2020

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