by Jenna Susson

Kibbutz LA farm volunteer

She wore a rainbow jacket and denim suspenders. 

She gave a fair warning to whomever would enter. 

She went by the name of Max; she was the city farmer.

She never took off her cowgirl boots, or layers of sheep wool armor. 

She had a lovely little farm smack dab Los Angeles city.

She learned rather quickly—running a farm isn’t always pretty. 

Max embraced the chaos, the miracles and disasters. 

She decided to step back and let life be her master. 

Her farm quickly turned into a circus—which she never imagined,

But the best part of the story is how it all happened. 

Ms. Max had never meant to turn her backyard into a farm, 

but when things started going green she figured it couldn’t cause any harm!

It all started when Max had hurt her back. 

Her neighbor, old man Wilson, said he knew of a way to get it back in wack.

“Bee sting therapy!” He shouted, “The stinger of a bee is known to help with pain!”

So they sat there and stabbed each other with bee stingers again and again. 

It helped her achy back and out her in a much better mood!

She became a beekeeper, and learned that bee eggs make great chicken food! 

So she acquired some chickens at her farm in the city. 

Shortly after she was approached by the environmental committee. 

They asked the city farmer if she had room for 22 sheep. 

They wanted to use them for landscaping and weed up-keep. 

Max built a fence for the sheep to stay. 

They had water, food and a shady spot to lay. 

She suddenly was awakened one night to a howling out back. 

It was the sound of coyotes ready for attack!

Luckily she got there in time to scare them away.

She was incredibly thankful that her sheep were okay. 

Coyotes had started to migrate from the mountains into the city. 

They attacked small animals, children and even a kitty!

Max knew she needed to find a way to keep the cities pets and children safe.

She soon started breeding guardian dogs for the city of LA. 

Max was a hero— at least she was to me.

Unfortunately not everyone saw the way she’d see. 

Neighbors thought the farm was an eyesore; a messy waste of spacefarm is for the countryside; a city is just not the place!

She tried explaining that cities needs a farm more than ever! 

But they didn’t want to hear her ideas—no matter how clever. 

They tried to get the farm shut down every way that they could. 

Max fought for her farm, but was often misunderstood. 

One day she was working all the way into the night. 

When it started getting darker she realized the whole city was out of light. 

Panicked, max ran down the hill on her overworked, feet,

She was shocked to find so many people looking for HER in the street. 

“Max! Max!” The mayor shouted! In desperate need for help. 

“The power went out in all of LA!” He exclaimed with a worried yelp!

Max’s farm was the only place left in town with power!

Because she used natural resources when she needed light, or a shower!

Despite the way she had used to be treated,

Max knew by the town she was desperately needed. 

“We’re so sorry max, we finally understand!”

She grinned—already eager to lend a helping hand.   

So she invited as many people she could to come camp with the sheep. 

They pitched tents, and hammocks and wool blankets to sleep!

Everyone curled up comfy underneath tons of warm blankets and towels,

Until they became startled from a distant coyote howls! 

Max reassured the folks to remain calm beneath the misty smog,

“Don’t worry, you’re safe guys, I trained a guardian dog!”

They all stayed safe on Max’s city farm. 

They were comfy, warm and safe from all harm! 

Everyone woke up in the morning ready for breakfast to be had,

But the food in the grocery store all had gone bad!

Lucky for them max was ready without warning!

She had fresh chicken eggs waiting for everyone that morning!

Energized from breakfast, the city people devised a plan,

So they would never again allow their home to get this out of hand!

Max was very smart and knew how to re-wire the city,

But she made the mayor promise if she helped, her have to join the Environmental committee! 

The mayor agreed, so max helped get the power back!

The city was so grateful that Max got things back on track. 

They all learned so much from Max’s little city farm. 

They realized that we’re here to protect the earth is from harm!

From that day forward the citizens treated the earth the way it deserved,

They realized they love this little planet and it’s their duty to keep it conserved!

Not on person found this new lifestyle to be too difficult or complainable,

In the end they all realized it was actually quite easy to be sustainable.

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